By Vishnu Ravi — Physician & Software Developer

Around this time of year, final-year medical students are preparing their rank lists for the residency match which, for those who aren’t familiar, will determine where they complete their residency training and what field of medicine they will practice. They’ll submit their preferences on February 24th, and find out where they matched on March 18th, 23 days later. But how long does it take for a computer to figure out the match? Certainly not 23 days — but days? hours? minutes? seconds? …

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Many organizations, including Walmart and the State of California, are now providing vaccination records in digital form using the SMART Health Card Framework. SMART Health Cards are signed digital artifacts containing health data that patients can keep and share. The framework has been developed with open and decentralized technologies and its implementation has been led by a coalition of public and private organizations.

Unlike paper records, a SMART Health Card’s authenticity can be verified using its cryptographic signature, making it difficult to tamper with or forge. These cards are designed to be small and can be stored as a file…

Vishnu Ravi, MD

Physician & Software Developer

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